P7 Poetry Winner

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Congratulations to Primary Seven pupil, Rebecca McGrath, who has won an Ireland wide Poetry competition in conjunction with the Peace Proms. Her poem ‘The Best that I can be’, was judged the overall Northern Ireland winner and has been published on the Peace Proms website. Rebecca’s inspirational poem is below…  ‘The Best that I can be’ by Rebecca McGrath In …

Peace Players

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For the previous 3 years, KS2 classes at Harmony Primary have been participating in the Peace Players cross community project with their partner school, St Pauls Primary School. PeacePlayers is an international peace building charity that uses sport – in particular, basketball – to unite and educate young people from Protestant and Catholic communities. Group sessions take place at Grosvenor …

Digital Leaders

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If you have a technical problem, if no-one else can help – you might call Harmony Digital Leaders! This year, Harmony Primary is introducing a prestigious new role for pupils – Digital Leaders. Our Digital Leaders are pupils who have shown an exceptional skill in using technology.  Not only this, they are dedicated to promoting the effective and safe use of …

School Council

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I am delighted to announce that after a successful first year of School Council that we have elected our new council members for 2014/2015. Our councillors were elected from boys and girls from Primary 4 to Primary 7. Our prospective council members campaigned by giving a short speech in class to say why they thought they would be a good member.  …

Our New School Prefects

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