Digital Detox for NSPCC

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Harmony Primary recently had a Digital Detox Day to raise money for the NSPCC.

Thursday 8th October was a historic day in Northern Irish history; not only did the national football team defeat Greece 3-1 and qualify for Euro 2016.

However, in a world in which technology rules, in a world in which we are so reliant on technology to get through our day, in a world in which a person checks their phone on average, 150 times a day, Thursday 8th October was the day Harmony Primary School decided enough was enough, and rose to a new challenge – not to use ANY technology throughout the whole day for a sponsored Digital Detox Day in aid of the NSPCC.

Questions were being asked before the day had even begun.  Could Mr. McKimm really go through a whole day without checking Facebook?  Would Mr. Richardson’s P7 class be able to cope without iPads?  Could Mrs. Webb cope without her beloved Accelerated Reading? 

Could Harmony Primary School really spend a whole day without using any technology? 

The answer was an emphatic yes!  After all, the pupils had worked hard to get sponsorship from family and friends with the guarantee that they could do it all for a very good cause.

Newly elected school councillors had the task of checking each classroom from P1 – P7.   Mrs. Hutchinson and Mrs. Morrison’s rooms were also checked to ensure that no technology was being used.  This was done hourly and these pupils did a thorough job to ensure there were no sneaky emails being sent or worksheets being printed.

There were, however, rumours being spread that Mrs Hutchinson, the school principal of all people, was in fact using her desktop but these claims were strongly refuted and proven to be incorrect.  There was one exception to the Digital Detox Day however.  Mrs. Waters was allowed to use her desktop for essential administration purposes despite a few disgruntled council members thinking otherwise.

The school council confirmed that all classes stuck to their side of the bargain, that is, all but one.  Mr. McKimm was caught by P5 council members sending an e-mail.  He claims it was an urgent matter and could not be helped.  The P5’s were not so forgiving.

All of the classes (except Mr. McKimm) did a fantastic job in not using any technology throughout the whole school day and should be proud of their achievement!  The boys and girls of Harmony Primary School raised a fantastic £700 for the NSPCC and Sheira Byrne from the NSPCC came to our Friday assembly to congratulate us and collect the charity cheque.

The school would like to thank all of those who kindly sponsored a child for the Digital Detox Day. 

However, the question is, how many went home to watch that historic win that night on TV?