Extreme Reading for World Book Day!

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On Thursday 3rd March 2016 Harmony Primary School celebrated World Book Day by taking up an Extreme Reading challenge.

Lots of pupils got involved and certainly rose to the extreme reading challenge with some weird and wonderful photos. Some teachers… and even a cat (Mrs. Montgomery’s cat) got involved too. It was a very tough decision to choose the winners with there being so many great entrants.

Thank you to all the parents, guardians and of course pupils who supported the idea and got involved. Tori in P3 didn’t let the extreme weather elements stop her reading while she was at the Giant’s Causeway. Rio’s (P4) reading was so extreme he was arrested. Some say he was reading over the limit… Well done to the winners Tori and Rio and to the runners up Romin (P2) and Rebecca (P7).

There are lots of exciting and enjoyable books for readers of all ages to get stuck in to and we hope that the extreme reading challenge has encouraged our pupils to keep reading!


Primary 5/6 also did some extreme reading in class!