P7 Poetry Winner

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Congratulations to Primary Seven pupil, Rebecca McGrath, who has won an Ireland wide Poetry competition in conjunction with the Peace Proms.

Her poem ‘The Best that I can be’, was judged the overall Northern Ireland winner and has been published on the Peace Proms website.

Rebecca’s inspirational poem is below…

 ‘The Best that I can be’
by Rebecca McGrath
In this world there are struggles and fears,
Feelings of loneliness, littered with tears,
We may discriminate about others in our land,
But if we really take the time to truly understand,
You will see, no matter your religion, race or creed,
Together we are human and in that way we bleed,
Even if others cannot see the good in people,
Why not me?
I want to be better, want this world to be free,
I want to live my life the best I can be.
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