Peace Players

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For the previous 3 years, KS2 classes at Harmony Primary have been participating in the Peace Players cross community project with their partner school, St Pauls Primary School.

PeacePlayers is an international peace building charity that uses sport – in particular, basketball – to unite and educate young people from Protestant and Catholic communities.

Group sessions take place at Grosvenor Leisure Centre where the kids from both schools learn basketball skills and then participate in mutual understanding sessions. These sessions are taken by basketball coaches, often with an international flavour. Through these regular meetings, the pupils learn about each others differences and realise the many similarities they have in common. The goal is for both groups to discover common ground and forge new friendships.



Primary Five have already completed their sessions with the Peace Players project.  As part of the ‘getting to know session,’ the class had to create a presentation about Harmony to share with the pupils and staff of St Pauls.

Below is the final presentation created by P5 pupils.[/text_output]