Temple of Boom

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This year’s Primary Seven End of Year Project was pretty unique. We made an action movie!

We participated in a literacy Project by a Tale Unfolds where the purpose was to create a movie entitled Cindy, Anne and Bones and the Temple of Boom.

The class collaborated in groups and came up with the story plot line and created our characters. We did various forms of writing; from letters, news reports, diary entries and the finally the screenplay. This required us to edit and re-write.

What was unique about the film was that everyone performed in front of the camera. Using costumes to show the different characters, we had many pupils playing the same parts

Unfortunately, we ran out of time to shoot the film in its entirety so we came up with the idea of creating a trailer to showcase our work.

Our film had its premiere at the Primary Seven Leavers’ Assembly. Well done P7. A fitting end to a great year!